Answer - Do You Recognize This Extinct Disney Ride?

If you guessed Tomorrowland's "If You Had Wings", you are correct! ✈️

If You Had Wings - Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

If You Had Wings was an attraction at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Tomorrowland.  It was a two-person, 4.5-minute long omnimover dark ride sponsored by Eastern Air Lines. 

The ride featured travel destinations throughout the Caribbean and elsewhere, all of which were, in keeping with the ride's sponsorship, serviced by the now non-existent Eastern Air Lines.  Do you know (or can recognize) what current ride is located in this Tomorrowland building?  Comment below if you know the answer! 😃

This classic Tomorrowland ride began with projections of animated silhouettes of seagulls and airplanes sweeping past on the walls, enhancing the feeling of motion and gently suggesting flight. Ride vehicles swiveled on their bases to direct riders toward a series of colorful theater-like sets with embedded small screens looping rear-projected short filmed scenes. 

Ride scenes showcased various Eastern destinations and appealed to potential tourists with straw-hat markets, fishermen, limbo dancers, steel drum bands, and more. Many scenes had their own special sound effects. Continuous theme music featured a chorus of singers tunefully chanting . . .

🎵"If you had wings, if you had wings,
If you had wings, had wings, had wings, had wings" 🎵

If You Had Wings - Tomorrowland - Orlando FL

Check out this great full ride video of "If You Had Wings" below! 

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